American Shorthair Dictionary of Important ASH related personality traits:

Bathing  Bathing needs to be in a secure place, like your ASH owner's lap, to ensure another critter doesn't take that opportunity to attack while your vulnerable.
Kneading Kneading is a ritual that is practiced usually before an ASH can curl up and assume its role as a "lap cat", hopefully done with clipped claws.
Napping Napping is an ASH's primary function which is practiced about 20 hours a day and is only interrupted when the ASH owner decides to get out of his Lazy Boy rocker.
Working The American Shorthair is the Cat Fancy's working breed.  This Picture is a great example of an ASH at work.
Leg Warmer This is a mutual exchange. The owner is being used by their ASH as a heating pad and in the process the owners legs are warm and toasty. 
Head Butting The head butt is an ASH's affectionate way of saying "pet me".  It is usually followed by exercising the "Lap Cat " role.......
Lap Cat An ASH by definition is a "lap cat".  It is the ASH's way of showing other ASH's that they owner their owner.  They reluctantly share lap space with other critters.
Rotten Anticipating Janet and I coming to bed, Bama assumes the position and White-White uses him as a pillow.
Cat Eyes This is the serious look you get while your cat stares you down waiting for you to assume your owner's role and pet your critter.




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